Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hard Work

So, my scene for Suite 703's Men Hard At Work site is finally up.  This was my third scene ever and was shot at the beginning of May 2008.  Needless to say, I needed a tan.  Let it be noted that every scene I've done since, I am tan. Well, as tan as I get.

When I shot this, I was still learning about the business and the process of shooting a scene.  My first scene partner (for TATTOO TWINKS), the adorable Kyle, was 24, I think.  My second scene partner (for HIS FIRST HUGE COCK), Tristan was 21, I believe.  I was detecting a trend.

First of all, I never imagined I would be in porn.  At all.  And, second, once I was there, it hadn't dawned on me (even at the age of 42) that I would be entering the industry as a "daddy."  So, I called my agent and asked that my next scene partner be a little closer to my own age.  Please.

Two days later, he called me with the job at Suite 703 and said he had good news!  My scene partner is 30 years old!  I was relieved.  But when I got to L. A. and met Lucas, my first thought was "who is his surgeon?  He barely looks 20!"  Once we got to the set, the director pulled Lucas aside and asked his age.  He cheerfully replied, "I just had a birthday last week.  I'm 19!"  The blood left my head.  The room tilted and that weird Alfred Hitchcock reverse-zoom effect seemed to become my only way of seeing.  "Bend your knees" I thought.  "Find somewhere to sit down and see if you can discreetly put your head between your knees.  Make it look like you're stretching!"  I did.  No one noticed.

Turns out, Lucas's agent had submitted him to the studio as a 30-year-old.  Lucas had no idea.  "Nevermind, it really doesn't effect the concept of the scene" says the director.  And it didn't.  But all I could think about was that I was the old guy (who needed a tan) and was about to fuck a boy who was younger than I was when my parents were my age.  To me, this is not hot.

Wait.  There's more.

We sit down with the director while he explains the scene.  He tells us some of the usual stuff..."if there's anything you don't feel comfortable with, speak up right away and we'll handle it"...etc.  He points at me and says "You're topping today.  How are your knees?"  As I'm immediately flooded with doubt, insult, appreciation for his concern, further embarrassment about being so OLD that my knees are apparently expected to give out at any moment...Lucas speaks up and says "No, I'm a top."

Uncomfortable pause.

The director then explains the "gimmick" of the scene is the ol' older-guy-in-authority-position-fucks-cute-young-thing-on-a-classroom-desk schtick.  Porn formula #4, I believe.  He goes on to explain that Lucas's agent had also submitted him to the studio as a bottom.  A 30-year-old bottom...and we get a 19-year-old top.  We take a break while Lucas calls his agent.  A few minutes later, we are back and the super-professional Lucas says that he agrees to bottom for this scene.  So, we're back in action.  Just in case you're wondering, however, being the extremely white guy while fucking a barely-legal, reluctant bottom in front of a camera while the director sits at the back of the room sweating and quietly having heart palpitations and is offered nitro-glycerin (Seriously.  No, seriously.) doesn't conspire to make for a fun, self-esteem building day.

Maybe that's why they call it MEN HARD AT WORK.