Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My first scene for Titan is out!

TRIAGE, my first film for Titan, was released on BlueRay DVD yesterday! TRIAGE marks the directorial debut of Paul Wilde and it's hot hot hot. Click any pic for more info.

Sexy Daniel Holden sucking my dick below, While Charly Diaz eats Daniel's ass.

Charly eating my ass while Daniel Holden watches.

As beefy Daniel Holden sleeps in the break room, Bryan Slater—a smooth, lighter-skinned stud—and Charly Diaz—a dark and handsome hunk—decide to play doctor. Diaz drops to his knees, and the huge cock that pops out of Bryan’s pants is a stunner. Big, thick and straight, the rock-hard slab finds a welcome hole in Charly’s mouth. Bryan takes off his shirt to reveal an amazingly ripped body, his defined muscles bursting out of his skin—and killer veins popping out of his biceps. The two frequently kiss and grind on each other, and Bryan sucks on Charly’s stiffy before bending over for a tongue fuck. The slurp sounds awaken Daniel, who joins in the sucking—with a great side shot catching Bryan’s throbbing boner before the three jack off.

Daniel then situates himself between his buds, sucking Bryan while getting eaten and fucked by Charly. Bryan then drops down on his back, opening his ass for Daniel in a steamy fuck chain. Bryan then shows off his versatility, fucking Daniel in some memorable one-on-one action. Daniel moans in painful pleasure, his face grimacing as he gasps for air while Bryan slowly slides his meat inside. The hung top takes it slow and steady at first, breaking in the bottom with a balls-deep fuck that gets faster and faster. Charly then gets his turn inside Daniel again, the bottom jacking off as he’s fucked before the two tops bust their nuts—including a big stream from Bryan and a hot wad from Charly that lands on Daniel’s nuts.