Friday, September 4, 2009

In Bed with Bryan Slater, Part 2

Okay, I've been a bad blogger this summer. But I've been really busy! Looking back at the 14 photo shoots I've done since May, it seems I spent most of my summer in bed! So, it's time for some more pillow talk. Literally.

My Summer began shooting photos for photographers Thomas Synnamon and Henning von Berg. Thomas shot me in a very intimate, romantic way (above) and Henning shot me (below) at a share in The Pines, outdoors on a bed beside a swimming pool! It was definitely less intimate since my buddy, Deno, and his housemates were having breakfast during the shoot. It's a good thing I enjoy being watched. ;-)

And the summer continued with a variety of photographers shooting me in bed. Sorry, no smutty stories here. Just a lot of rolling around in bed, jerking off. Thankfully, I did get a rise out of some of my photographers, although all remained professional. Dammit! (Photos below by bea b)

I shot black and white with Michael Epps (below)...

...Saturated color with Mark Henderson (below)...

...and LNYC. drew on my ass!


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  2. Oh, Holy Fuckin' GAWD !, but these are Super Hot Shots ! You lying on the fur spread sportin' that green tie is Sexy, Iconic & Soooo Classy !!