Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pics of the Day - 10.10.2010 - from the archives by Kelly Grider

Photo @ 2008 by Kelly Grider.


  1. Dear Bryan,

    As wonderful as this photograph is, I really enjoyed your recent YouTube interview with Jayson. You are so expressive and have such a wonderful smile. It is a dramatically different persona from your film work, aside from -- perhaps -- your Men at Work appearance, where I first thrilled to you.

    Thanks, Bryan.


  2. Thanks, Richard! Yes, after my second cocktail, I was a little more expressive than usual!


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  4. Dear Bryan,

    Wow, a comment from Mr. Bryan Slater! Thank you, I am privileged.

    I also enjoyed your cameo appearances in a television documentary earlier this year involving pets (non-sexually, I might add). Your gentle laughs and smiles were so sweet, as were those of your cute friend/boyfriend. But I nearly fell out of the chair when your image appeared upon the screen!

    Again, Bryan, for those of us who are 40-something (right, I'll be 52next August), work out religiously, and eat abstemiously, thank you. You are a great role model. Hey, one can be 42 or (in my case) 51 and still be slim and trim.

    I hope that some day you will make a personal appearance in Florida for gay pride or another event.

    Best wishes and good luck with your career. I understand "fans," so I will not bug you again.

    Sincerely -- um -- "Cheers, Queers!,"