Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pics of the Day - 9.23.2010 - from Brian Mills's SWELTER

Photographed by Brian Mills
Fucking Gio Forte while he blows David Anthony
In the winter of 2008, my buddy Bo Matthews graciously recommended me to Titan. The next day, director Brian Mills called to offer me a job. When I called Bo to thank him, he said "Brian Mills is a master of photography and lighting. Everyone looks amazing when being shot by him."

It's true.

Every Titan film I've done: TRIAGE, BATTLE CREEK BREAKDOWN, DISTRACTION and now SWELTER...Brian makes everyone look best in both still photos and on video. For a performer, it's a rare luxury to be able to trust a director or photographer so completely that you can put all your focus and energy into your scene partner. Thank you, Brian!

Now check out some of his best work in SWELTER.

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