Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rave review of Titan's SWELTER from

Review of Titan's SWELTER from

"Not since Titan's momentous pairing of Francois Sagat and Marco Blaze in Overdrive has there been a dream coupling like David Anthony and Bryan Slater. The two 40-somethings are indisputably two of the hottest men in porn. Their bodies and cocks are things of wonder. And while the insertion of a third castmember was a little redundant for me (I envision myself as the ham in that sandwich), Bryan was thrilled at the opportunity - "Three-ways are fun, especially with Gio Forte and David Anthony! Once on set in Palm Springs, we were asked if there was anything we'd like to do in this scene. I was game for pretty much anything, stating only that, if possible, I would like to be in the middle of those two sexy men. Wishes do come true! Here is my first time (private or professional) fucking while being fucked - no wonder they call it 'Lucky Pierre'!"
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I'm Lucky Pierre!
All aboard the fuck train!
"With his remarkably ripped body glistening with sweat in the moonlight, stunning David whips out his monster cock and teases it as he rubs his body. Out of the darkness appears beefy Gio, a bald-and-bearded stud who wastes no time getting his hands and tongue all over David. Gio touches and sniffs David’s balls and cock, which gets whipped on his begging tongue. Gio finally opens wide as the veins on his neck burst. "Choke on it!" demands David as gagging sounds fill the air. What follows is a cock-worshipping session of the hottest degree, with the two smiling men into every aggressive, spit-soaked second of it. Gio chugs it like a pro, whipping it all over his face and bod and feasting on David’s sac. Just when you think it can’t get any hotter, super-toned Bryan shows up with his huge, super-stiff boner - a big beauty that competes for position inside Gio’s lucky mouth. As the two handsome studs kiss above, Gio gets assaulted by big cock. After the lengthy suck session, the three shoot - with Bryan wiping Gio’s cum onto his own hand and using it as lube. As day arrives, Gio works his way in between the tactile tops, sucking on David while getting eaten and fucked by Bryan. The two tops, their chiseled muscles tightening up, have their hands all over each other and a moaning Gio during the unforgettable fuck filled with kissing. Bryan varies his tempo, then switches positions with David as a smiling Gio yells "Pound it!" The hottest shot follows - a fuck train with Bryan impressively sandwiched between the two, fucking hard Gio as he gets slammed by David (with all three cocks hard as a rock). Bryan gets deep inside Gio, and soon the three spurt again - including a hot load from David that soaks Bryan’s leg, and a gusher from Gio that douses Bryan’s abs - ending what is sure to be one of the year's most talked-about scenes"

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