Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Year In Review - from SWELTER

"It’s awesome to see Slater’s look of pain and pleasure..." - XX Factor

"Yow, whatta cock! Hard as steel, long and straight, with a well-defined head. Bryan's a swell fucker, too, and then a startlingly blessed-out middleman in a chain fuck. His ecstasy is a thrill." - Bay Area Reporter

I don't like to pick favorites among my films, studios or co-stars...but if I did, SWELTER would easily near the top of the list! It's a gorgeous location...with gorgeous men...and directed by Brian Mills. I honestly don't know how I managed to find myself in this, uh, position...but I'm glad I did and even more glad I have a DVD of the experience!

I'm Lucky Pierre!
All aboard the fuck train!
Photographed by Brian Mills
Fucking Gio Forte while he blows David Anthony

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  1. T'aint fer nothin', Bryan Slater, that you're a Superstar !! I mean, I'm an artist &, buddy, there ain't an inch, a line or a curve of you that I'd erase !!!!