Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm in Mark Henderson's new book: POOLSIDE

Pre-order your copy of Mark Henderson's new book, POOLSIDE, on POOLSIDE, being released May 2011, features Mark's popular erotic photos of some of the hottest men today. I am honored to be included in this new collection of images. Mark's previous book, SUBURBAN PLEASURES (in which I also appeared) was the publisher's biggest seller of 2010 and was continuously out-of-stock. Be sure to pre-order your copy today (and get 37% off the regular price) by clicking here or the image above.



  1. Superb, Bryan ! Absolutely Super !!
    Definitely be checking this out !!

  2. All three of Mark's books are exceptional. The photos o you are awesome.

    Of the three books, I think I like Poolside the most because of the strong greens, teals and blues (my favorite spectrum) and sun warmed body tones, which together make such an impressive visual impact.

    I very much look forward to Mark's next book.

  3. No one makes the color pink more manly then you...definitely hot pink