Thursday, June 23, 2011

Preview from my shoot

Yet another unexpected (and completely enjoyable) result of my "Bryan Slater" journey was the opportunity to model underwear for on May 2nd. Although I'd not been a customer of Freshpair before they contacted me, I am now a devoted fan for their recognition that men over the age of 40 like to wear cute underwear too! While we are all accustomed to seeing beautiful 20-something fitness models advertising underwear, "mature" men like me are looking better and better and want to wear something other than Fruit of the Looms. I hope you'll join me in applauding the non-agist efforts of And they have great prices too! Click my photo to check out the site.

Be on the lookout for Freshpair banner ads featuring me (like the one below)!


  1. Hi Man, please consider links / banners xchange with my blogs:



    Tks, ciao!

  2. That's the sort'a underwear everyone's keen to get into !!