Thursday, June 23, 2011

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There's a lot I liked about shooting this scene: Seeing Tim Kruger again, meeting his partner Grobes, fucking a fantastic ass in a beautiful location with natural light, a scene partner who's stage name is "Sexy Swagger" (makes me wish I'd chosen Walter Kurtz's long-time nickname for me, "Perfect Penis Man," as my stage name!). But it is a rare treat to get to shoot a scene, uninterrupted, from beginning to end in one long, continuous take. I really think the natural momentum which occurs when having sex is one of the hottest (and sometimes most difficult) things to capture. Here, we didn't have to rely on acting or tricky editing. And I think you can feel it in the scene. It's hot, y'all. Watch it now and let me know what you think. Preview below...


  1. Bryan, you could never do a bad scene, but I'll be damned if you haven't reached a New Standard with This One !! The only complaint I'd have is that , after you've shot, neither of you or the director yelled, "ONE MORE TIME !!!" ;-)