Friday, August 5, 2011

Teaching Dustin Cooper

When Dustin Cooper is caught snooping for test-answers by his teacher, Bryan Slater, he asks, "what do I have to do to get them?" Getting down on his knees to suck the teacher's cock seems to be the answer! Bryan Slater wants to fuck Dustin's small ass, too. He bends his student over a stool and his desk, making the thin twink moan as he fucks him. When Dustin's on his back on the desk, he cums all over his stomach before taking Bryan's load on his lips.

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  1. Who cares what people think ? Fuck that little twink, ( Of whom there's doubtless proof of consent on file. ), get off & get PAID !!!

  2. Bryan this scene works because of the juxtaposition of age,body type and porn niche in the same Fantasy driven scene, This is what porn USED to be Fantasy! Anyone who has a problem was probably offended by Van Halens Hot for Teacher back in the day. Which I thought was a Riot!

    Does this mean we Condone sex between teachers and students? Hell no!

    Did we daydream about making it with our hot 40 something science teacher when we were 16?

    Hell YES we did! ;-)

  3. Dear Bryan:

    Here is what I posted on the "TeachTwinks" site:

    "More Bryan Slater, please(!), such as the following scenario:

    "Bryan's a college librarian who catches two young college dudes fooling around in one of the library's small group study rooms after the building has closed. After he threatens to report them for trespassing, the boys beg him to 'work something out.' He indeed shows them something to work out. It would be especially hot if Bryan, while fucking one dude bent over the library table, in turn gets fucked by the other young dude."

    Excellent work, Bryan! You are one of the reasons that, at 52, I continue to run, exercise, and maintain a vegetarian diet to keep my flat tummy and 29" waist.