Sunday, October 16, 2011

Overdue thanks

It cannot be overstated: I have the best friends and fans in this industry.

Today, as I wrap a fantastic three-day shoot for Anteros Media, I’m feeling grateful and reflective. I started 2011 thinking that my time in porn had come to an end. After all, I’ve had a tumultuous 18 months. I’ve had family dealing with cancer, joint replacement, aortic aneurysms, broken bones and herniated disks. I’ve had several friends diagnosed as HIV positive. I had my first celebrity affair (resulting in both a staggering high and embarrassing low) and I’ve had a significant change of employment (mostly a good thing).

I don’t say this from a place of regret, only as a matter of fact: my real-life world has pulled me away from public appearances, updating my blog and interacting with my fans. And yet, surprisingly, I’ve done more film work so far this year than ever before and my fan base has not only remained loyal…but actually increased! I feel both grateful and unworthy.

Thank you. Thanks to my friends & colleagues: Walter Kurtz, Kelly Grider, Mark Henderson, Ray Dragon, Joe Gage, Tim Kruger, Dean Flynn, COPBlog, Andy Kay, Kirk Cummings, Sam Devries, Devon Hunter, Headmaster Magazine, the Leslie/Lohman Foundation, Will Clark, Mike Dreyden, Nooka, Lady Rizo, all my scene partners and many others who have had an important and positive impact on my porn life. Thanks to my amazing fans.

And, mostly, thanks to my partner for many things…especially for keeping this all in perspective.

I am the luckiest porn star I know.


  1. That's what makes us, your fans, feel so Lucky, too !!

  2. Thank you for being you. I arrived here because your physical beauty was overwhelming, and I've purchased most, if not all, of your work, and I welcome more. You are what I would like to be, a positive role-model, not just for your proud sexuality, but for your kind and gentle spirit. How do I know this to be true? Because you offer of yourself openly and honestly, and allow us to take pleasure from that. So, again, thank you, for being you, and allowing us to share in that wonder.

  3. Thank you CMan and Sean! I appreciate your kind words and for taking the time to write them on my blog.

    Much love, Bryan

  4. was the celebrity on the a, b, d list? :D