Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My scene with Kirk Cummings

A ladies' night out means Bryan Slater and Kirk Cummings get to enjoy a boys' night in, maybe they'll watch the game? Nah! These two are quick to get each other undressed. Bryan isn't content with swapping oral, he also eats and fingers Kirk's ass, warming him up. When Kirk ends up on all fours, with Bryan drilling his ass, that's when the moans and cries really pick up. The younger man cums on his back while being fucked before Bryan cums on his chest.

Click here to watch a preview.


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    1. This scene with Kirk is so damn hot! The view of your fuck nuts and dark brown pubic bush thrusting is too much. I have been watching repeatedly since release in December. It is so evocative of your first porn appearance on "Men HARD at Work."

      Again, at 52 (a slim, skinny, bald gay guy) I continue to exercise -- I think I have exhausted one elliptical machine -- because of your gorgeous body. But I will never achieve your sculpted perfection.

      I am curious what you would look like, after your shaved appearance in "Dad Goes to College," with simply a mustache and goatee? And, um, do you ever get to Florida for personal appearances?

      Again, great recent performances.

      Thank you,

  2. Postscript:

    Oops, as a nerd, I realized I used too many "agains" to introduce a sentence, above. Forgive me. I suspect you pointed out the error in the spelling of "tomorrow" in your equally fantastic scene with Dustin Cooper. Grammar and sex: one of my favorite fantasies.