Friday, January 20, 2012

Tom and Bryan

In November 2011, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Tom, one of my favorite models. Tom was visiting the U.S. from Germany and, after having dinner with he and another of my favorite models (and photographers), Sam Devries, we decided to meet up in Brooklyn to be photographed by Sam. This is only one of the photos in Sam's beautiful series.


  1. i may die! can't wait to see more more more!

  2. Hi Bryan,

    I have been a fan of Tom's work for some time, and was thus surprised and delighted to see this photo. I have checked Sam's website, but can't find any reference to this shoot. I've left a comment there, but would you know where (or if) this shoot could be purchased?

    Tom has done some wonderful solo shoots for Legend Men, so perhaps you could encourage him to perform with you at Anteros? Even if he's only comfortable doing a mutual JO, it would still be extraordinary to see the two of you together.

    Thank you,