Saturday, July 7, 2012

Anteros Media's Beta Launch

You've gotta check out My friend, Devon Hunter, has managed to assemble an impressive group of the hottest gay performers: Mitch Vaughn, Colby Keller, Mitch Branson, Jay Black, Dale Cooper, Spencer Williams, Philip Aubrey, Connor Habib, Jake Austin, Bobby Drake and Kyle Quinn. Even as I type that list of guys, I'm amazed and grateful to be one of them!

Devon has a unique way of shooting which captures the sexy chemistry between the performers. My second scene for Anteros Media was opposite hunky Mitch Branson. Shot in one take, this hot scene takes you from our intense kissing all the way to orgasm with no edits or breaks. It's just pure sex. is currently in its Beta Launch. Go check it out. Let me know what you think!



  1. Wow! I checked out that website, watched the previews, and immediately suscrbied. That scene with you and Mitch was HOT, and nothing wrong with the others, either. I'll definitely be keepin up with Anteros!

  2. Thanks, Allen! I'm glad you're liking I've completed a total of eighteen scenes for them so far, so there's more to come! xo

  3. Bryan!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have hoped and dreamed of you pairing with mature, masculine, uninhibited men, and this site brings those wishes to life! The scene with Mitch Branson is incredible (yes, I signed up immediately to watch you), and only the beginning of a long, pleasurable journey for me as I share in your sexuality with all of the other videos to come. Make I make a couple of suggestions? I was disappointed to see Mitch had shaved or waxed his chest, as I prefer less manscaping, but his beauty was undiminished, particularly as he was paired with you. I would also love to be able to download a HD version of the videos, so I could devour your physical beauty over and over again. I know, I'm needy where you are concerned, but can you honestly blame me? Thank you for all you give us, and allowing us to share in your journey.

  4. Thanks for your comments, Sean. I really happy you like and particularly my scene with Mitch Branson. I have passed along your suggestions to the folks at Anteros for review.

    As for shaving or waxing, a porn performer's body hair is often dictated by the studio, director, or photographer who's hired you (Mark Henderson, for example, usually has me shave my face when he photographs me). Such was the case with Mitch Branson who had a gig, which required his body to be completely smooth, only a day or two prior to our scene.

    I have many more scenes coming up on the Anteros site including Phillip Aubrey, Spencer Williams, Colby Keller, Mitch Vaughn and another with Mitch Branson...body hair intact.