Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bryan Slater & Shane Frost fuck Robbie Anthony
Bang Me Sugar Daddy
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 Boyfriends Bryan Slater and Shane Frost have a sexy young lad staying with them, and their kindness soon pays off when they discover that the lad is just as into cock as they are! The action starts right away, with the older guys teaming up to welcome their young guest in the best way possible. Rimmed out and fed plenty of cock, young Robbie Anthony is swapped between them as they slide into his ass and mouth and work their way to a three way cum splashing!


  1. Dear Bryan,

    I hope you won't find another comment from me annoying, but your beauty, your maleness, your sexuality, are hard to stay away from. Every scene I have had the pleasure of viewing with you in it, my focus is entirely on you. Which leads me to a personal favour, if I may. Can you recommend any solos of yourself, wherein you self pleasure, and stimulate yourself as you wish others might? I think that's as intimate as I may ever get to know you, to see you pleasure yourself, every erogenous zone, which allows me to witness, and experience, your wonderful sexuality. It's just a personal kink of mine, to witness you on the edge of orgasm, and then to wish I could suspend time, so your beauty and arousal, at that moment, could be mine to enjoy for all time.

    Thank you,


  2. Thank you, Sean! I don't find compliments annoying at all!

    I don't have any solos out right now. I haven't done very many of them. I did complete one for Anteros Media which should be available soon, I think. You've given me an idea though. Stay tuned!