Saturday, February 2, 2013

My photography: Tommy Corona, Part 1 of 3

My buddy, Tommy Corona, is a sexy fucker. We had a blast shooting these photos. His body is sick! Tommy is also Randy Blue exclusive live model. Check out his live show HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE.


  1. You are as skilled behind the camera as you are in front of it! I think my preference would be for the latter, however, as the world needs more of you to admire. I'm wondering if you have any recollection of a photo shoot featuring yourself paired with Tom Woodson, the German model from Cologne? The photos were take by Sam DeVries, not sure exactly when, but as Tom identifies as being "80% straight", would that have been problematic, or perhaps more challenging? I've never seen Tom paired with another man, so I'm just curious as to the dynamic when paired with a straight model.

    Best wishes to you in the year ahead!


  2. Thanks, Sean! Sexy Tom is a talented, seasoned, and professional model. Nothing about our brief photo shoot for Sam Devries was challenging or problematic. There was no discussion about how either of us identify. Sam directed us very specifically and clearly and we all worked together to create the mood he wished to capture. :)