Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's here: Bryan Slater's Wet Dream

A year ago, Ray Dragon and I were talking and he asked me what I haven't done (in porn) that I still want to do. Although we had many more conversations following, I knew right away I wanted to help conceive an ensemble film. The result is Bryan Slater's Wet Dream with Jay Black, Dale Cooper, Kirk Cummings, Fabio Stallone and Drew Sumrock. Sandwiched between Kirk and Fabio, I got to be lucky Pierre for the first time since Titan's Swelter. Plus, Fabio and I double penetrated (my first!) Drew's hot ass, I take Jay's huge load on my face and mouth, and Jay, Dale and I do a tag team fuck-or-be-fucked that must be seen!

You can order the DVD or immediately download to own the entire film by clicking the photo above.

If it looks like we're having a fantastic time, it's because we did! Thanks, Ray. xo


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