Bryan Slater is a former erotic model and gay porn performer based in New York City. After posing for photographers such as Walter Kurtz and Kim Hanson, he began working professionally in the adult entertainment industry in April 2008. He has been seen in several films by Dragon Media, Titan Media as well as films for Hot House, Lucas Entertainment and Dark Alley. He has also been featured in online scenes for,,,,,, and (launching in 2012.)

In addition to Kurtz and Hanson, Bryan has been photographed by Mark Henderson, Dylan Rosser, Henning von Berg, Mark Jenkins, Thomas Synnamon, Kelly Grider, Paul Reitz, Xcess Studio, McKenzie James, Stanley Stellar, LNYC, Michael Epps, Karl Simone, WilsonModels, Kristopher Kelly, JR Shot You, Patrick Mulcahy, Brian Burk, Ryan Colford, Lester Blum, RT Photography, JS2D Design, John Brinegar, Yeikov Bermudez, Brian Leighton, Bill Travis, Tate Tullier, Brandon Thompson, Fernando Ibarra, Carlo Iyog, Royce Bugarin, Sam Devries, Damian Lewd, Bruce Cahn, Olan Montgomery, Sam Devries, Steven Vachon, Chris Teel, and James Wilkins.

Bryan has also posed for artists Robert Richards, George Gozum, William Donovan, Todd Yeager, Jeffrey Miller, Miguel Angel Reyes, Jonathan Soard and for the Leslie/Lohman Erotic Art Studio and Harvey Redding's QUEER ART NOW.

Bryan has graced the cover of NEXT Magazine, appeared in books such as POOLSIDE and SUBURBAN PLEASURES by Mark Henderson, SLEEPLESS by Thomas Synnamon, 100 by Dylan Rosser, JEWELS (in a photo by Mark Henderson) and POP by Olan Montgomery. He has also been seen on Dylan Rosser's website THE MALE FORM and the popular blogs BEAUTIFUL MAG and DNA; and in many exhibits and galleries.