Photo by Walter Kurtz

Photo by Kelly Grider

Photos by Dylan Rosser


  1. The “role playing” pictures of you as a gas station attendant really got me hard. You see, the summer I turned 15, I used to walk down to the gas station near my home, it was only five blocks or so, and there was a guy who worked there, as a mechanic mostly, who looked just like you (except the facial features) in those pictures, tallish, thinish, muscular, defined, hairy-chested. He liked to show off his buff body and hairy chest, and usually had his shirt unbuttoned down to his navel, and the sleeves rolled up, like you in the pictures. I was very curious about cars, and would watch him work on them in the service bays, and ask him questions. He didn’t seem to mind. Then one day I had to take a leak, and just like you in some of those pictures, he was sitting on the john and didn’t close the door, and was playing with his hard cock. I was taken by surprise, and froze, but he gestured for me to come in, I did, he closed and locked the door, and asked me if I’d like to play with his dick. It didn’t take much to persuade me. He let me fondle and jack it for a while, then unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. When he saw I was already hard, he just smiled, and sucked me off. After that, whenever I went down to the station, we would sneak off to the john whenever we could. He was my first, and that summer he taught me everything I needed to know about mansex, how to fuck, how to relax and get fucked so that it didn’t hurt, how to kiss, how to suck cock, how to eat ass, everything. That was way before the days of the internet and the general openness of today, it was hard for a boy to learn how to satisfy his urges, and believe me I had had plenty of urges before I ever met up with that guy. We took a lot of chances, and I was, of course, jailbait, although I knew nothing at all about that, but we were lucky, or just careful enough, and never got caught. Once the next school year started, I wasn’t able to get to the station very often, and by the next summer, he had moved on, but by then, I had found some other guys to get it on with. But I’ll never forget station man, and your pictures in that shell oil shirt brought back lots of beautiful, hot, cock-hardening memories.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing that hot story, Allen. XXX